Nakamura Koen

Nakamura Koen (Nakamura Park) is where JCM calls home. It is part of Nakamura Ku ward which lies in the west of Nagoya city and is located on the Higashiyama subway line which runs right through the heart of the city. Although Nakamura is not really famous, it holds a wealth of history and and you might be surprised at how interesting this area is. On this page you will find out a little about our area and hopefully you will come to enjoy and call this your temporary home here in Nagoya.


Lets start off with the park. The area is named after the park after all! Nakamura Park is an important location as it is the apparent birthplace of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. One of the three most important rulers in Japanese history. Hideyoshi was especially famous as he is rumoured to have become a Shogun, the most powerful man in Japan, from the humble beginnings of a peasant.

The Park is an enjoyable spot with several unique points of interest. The first being the Toyokuni shrine (Pictured left) which is dedicated to Hideyoshi himself. With a site just next to it which is the supposed birthplace of him.

There is also a museum with some interesting pieces and even the iconic helmet of the ruler (Pictured below). A traditional museum in the park and a tree that was planted by the emperor long ago. The park is also nicely designed with ponds and trees, shrines and beauty spots all to be enjoyed by visitors.

If you live in Nakamura Koen, make this park a place to visit often, enjoy and take in a bit of the harmony.

The next thing to mention is that Nakamura Koen is a very convenient area to live in. Nakamura Koen is relatively quiet when compared to Nagoya central and yet you can be in the heart of downtown Nagoya in as little as 10 minutes by using the subway (Pictured right). The subway station name is 'Nakamura Koen' and is on the Higashiyama line (Yellow line) which is the most used and convenient subway line. It stops in most of the central parts of Nagoya such as Nagoya station, Fushimi and Sakae, where most of the big stores and nightlife is.

Many convenient places are located right next to the subway, including a super market (Exit 3) a Family Mart, Yoshinoya and the JCM office (Exit 1) A bank (Exit 2) and most of our apartments can be easily reached from exit 6. Also next to exit 6 is a KFC, Mister Donut and soon to be Torikizoku as well as many other coffee shops and restaurants.

A bike ride is between 20-30 minutes from anywhere central and a taxi around 10 minutes so you are never far from being able to enjoy downtown life then coming back to a more peaceful quiet area.


Food! Eating out is always an important part of where you live! And Nakamura doesn't dissapoint here. There are plenty of local Japanese restaurants around as well as fusion and foreign restaurants too. For a good detailed list including map links check out our 'Eating out in Nakamura' guide here.

Newly added to the area is a Torikizoku and a Cutlet restaurant which can both be found left of the KFC and Mister Donut directly out of exit 6 from the subway.
Heading out of exit 3 will take you to the super market which is really convenient and from here you can head north which will take you to the park. On the way to the park there are many nice choices to eat including a nice little Italian and a Nepalese style Izakaya as well as many Japanese style bars and restaurants.

Aokis Pizza and other delivery services are also very conveniently close to the station but some Japanese language might be needed, especially if you require delivery. Pictured left is a popular sushi restaurant opposite from CoCo Ichiban down the road from exit 6.

Nakamura Koen at a glance...


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