Living in Nagoya as a foreign mother. (Interview)

We have always been interested in knowing why foreigners come to Japan, their experiences and what drives them to stay or leave… We held an interview with Machela, an independent mother from Jamaica living in Nagoya who has been staying with us at JCM Rental. We were interested in finding out about her experiences and […]

English Medical Services in Nagoya

Getting sick is never a pleasant experience, so getting sick in a country where you can’t speak the language adds even more misery to the situation! This inspired me to put together a small list of Medical Service providers that are English friendly in Nagoya. Need to knows: Always have your Residence card and Health […]

Eating Out in Nakamura Koen

One of the questions I get asked most by tenants is “Where are the good spots to eat around Nakamura Koen?”. This prompted me to write a short guide on eating out in the area… Need to knows before heading out to get some food in Japan: 1. ALWAYS CARRY CASH 2. ALWAYS CARRY CASH and […]

The Basics

Day to Day life in Nagoya: Living in a new country presents many unforeseen challenges; it’s like being a child all over again, and having to re-learn the basics of daily living. From properly disposing of garbage to collecting your undelivered items at the post office, this guide aims to provide the answers. Trash Disposal: […]

Getting Set Up

Nakamura Ward Office: 36-31 Takehashi Cho, Nakamuraku, Nagoya 名古屋市中村区竹橋町36-31 Phone: 052-451-1241 GOOGLE MAPS   If you plan on renting your new apartment for more than three months, you’ll need to visit the Nakamura Ward office, which is the equivalent of local city hall. Here, you will essentially register your address to live in Nagoya. While […]

Grocery Shopping

Know before you go: Bring your own bags Some grocery stores charge for plastic takeaway bags, and those that don’t allot them sparingly. You’ll notice that locals shop with their own bags in tow.   Carry Yen Note that some grocery stores do not accept credit cards. Have a backup plan, and carry Yen just […]

Nakamura Koen

Introduction: Nakamura Koen, or Nakamura Park, is a pleasant, shaded area with large trees, shrines and a central turtle pond. It’s located just a few blocks past the large red torii gate in the central shopping district of town. Just a few blocks walking time and you’ll approach the park’s entrance, where you can walk […]