Nagoya Relocation Service


Here at JCM we can offer full relocation services for you and your family. Moving to another country can be a difficult experience and Japan is certainly not the easiest country to start a new life in. Fortunately we are here to help! We can tailor what you need so you can sit back and rest assured we will find you the right living space and take care of all the difficulties. We hand pick all our furniture and choose to make our homes stylish and practical.


We will make your stay as smooth and easy as possible. You do not need to worry about paper work or guarantors and we can help you moving in or finding everything you need. We can also provide area orientation and help you with local services and translation.


We can find you an apartment and tailor it to your needs. Whether it’s just one person or a family, we will find a suitable location and size for you. All apartments come fully furnished and can be customised and changed to fit you or your family.


At JCM we believe a home should be a beautiful place. Somewhere you can relax and enjoy after a days work, or feel inspired by. We choose all of our furniture ourselves and only choose the most suitable supplies and utilities for our spaces with convenience, practicality and style in mind.

Relocation Process

1.  Initial Contact

Before coming to Japan we will talk in depth either over the phone or via email about your direct needs living here in Nagoya, Japan.

2.  Finding your home

Before finding your home we will find out exactly what you are looking for.  To make the home finding process efficient we concentrate on only viewing properties that meet your needs and fit your design. Once you select a property we will work with the company to complete the housing leases & payment process. You can leave all of this to us and do not need to worry about any paperwork.

3.  Moving in!

Upon moving in, everything will be ready and set up for you. All bills will be paid automatically and internet will be ready to use! When you arrive we will pick you up and take you to your new home.  We will give you a thorough tour of the area and all processes to go with your new home. In addition to explaining garbage procedures, we will show you how to use any facilities and or components.

4.  Relax and settle in

Once you are settled into your new property we will assist you with the rest of the needed elements to make your life easy in Nagoya.  We can help you with paper work, opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone and many other services.

5.  Ongoing Services and Departure

JCM will continue to aid you in any way needed during your stay in Japan. We are always here to help and will be with you until the end. Once your time in Japan is up, we will be there to make your journey home smooth by helping you leave your home and assisting with transport to the airport.